Our industrial processes are constantly evolving. We are focused on innovation and efficiency in the production chain, thus guaranteeing the high performance of our products.


Our products have become a reference in the lubrication and supply market due to the commitment we have in ensuring the smooth functioning and satisfaction of our customers.


The differential of our equipment is in the concept of always working to offer solutions with the best cost benefit.


We provide solutions for the lubrication and oil supply market diesel.

Founded in 1965, Mac Lub is strategically located in Araraquara, in the center of the State of São Paulo. Always attentive to the market, Mac Lub often goes through processes of modernization and expansion of its entire product line, including lubrication pumps, supply, line for service stations such as washers, collectors and oil drips and many others.

4.900 m2

Mac Lub has a 4,900 m2 structure, high technology and a rigorous quality control process. That guarantee the durability of the manufactured products.

55 years

With 55 years of experience in the manufacture of equipment for lubrication and supply.

7,700 Customers

With approximately 7,700 resellers in Brazil and South America, Mac Lub also offers a specialized technical assistance network to meet the needs of distributors and their customers.


We believe in continuous growth through solid relationships and sustainable, always based on mutual respect. Throughout this trajectory of more than 50 years, we seek to remain focused on the quality and efficiency of our products to better meet the needs of our customers.

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Mac Lub currently has a high-tech manufacturing unit, installed in an area of ​​4,900 m2. The production processes go through strict quality control that result in the total guarantee in the manufactured products.

Access our channel to check our products in detail and how to perform necessary maintenance.



We seek excellence in the manufacture of pneumatic propellers, manual greasers, oil supply pumps. We are always attentive to market trends and needs with a commitment to providing better solutions for consumers.


High pressure washer, pump for gear and differential oil, oil collector and drip pan.


Manual and pneumatic greaser, pump for diesel fuel supply, backpack and manual sprayer.


Pump for oil supply with liter counter, pneumatic grease propeller, pump for arla.


Pneumatic oil propellant, Lubricant oil gauge nozzle, Hand pump for oil transfer, filter wrench, funnel.


Lubrication equipment, pump for transferring lubricating oil, pump for transferring chemicals.


If you are interested in being part of the Mac Lub team, send your resume to vagas@maclub.com.br. The resumes sent will be consulted whenever open vacancies arise.


We have had a very successful partnership with Mac Lub since 2006. A reference company in equipment for lubrication and supply and which values the quality of its products. Albert Pané – Gespasa – Tot Coml Balaguer-Spain

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The Uruguayan market is very demanding and requires products with high performance and quality. That is why we have been distributing Mac Lub products here in Uruguay for many years and we are proud of this partnership. Omar Eliceiry – Rolecor S/A Montevideo – Uruguay

Omar Eliceiry, Rolecor Total Flex ...
By establishing partnerships we are able to better serve our client.
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